Ashara Ekundayo

Ashara Ekundayo is a cultural worker of the urban landscape who brings her whole existence into the social entrepreneurial movement.  As a catalyst, consultant, producer, and entrepreneur for over 20 years, she has worked with national and international organizations to help build capacity for increased community engagement through the uses of creative practice including performance arts ritual, exhibition, and film.  As an activist committed to social change she founded BluBlak Media Consulting, the Pan African Arts Society, and Blue & Yellow Logic in Denver, Colorado and is currently working with a collective of solutionaries in the launching of HUB Oakland where she will also be the curator of Omi Arts - both are slated to open in Summer 2013.

Her personal belief and work aesthetic define abundance as a station inside the soul – not connected to any material thing and acknowledges that our connection and interdependence to everything on planet Earth generates and sustains wealth.

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